Continuing Education Courses:

  • Mineral Control in Water Treatment
  • Arsenic Removal from Potable Water
  • The MODFLOW Groundwater Flow Modeling System

Professional Memberships:

  • American Water Resources Association
  • Association of Ground Water Scientists and Engineers / National Ground Water Association
  • Colorado Groundwater Association
  • International Mine Water Association

Colorado’s Argo Tunnel is an Environmental Protection Agency NPL site, and was the main source of acid drainage into Clear Creek. As part of the Feasibility Study, I studied ground- and surface-water inflows into the Argo Tunnel.  Combining field investigation and old mine records, I identified nearly 100 surface openings into the Argo Tunnel complex, including shafts, adits, open stopes, and glory holes.  

Supervised installation of large-diameter leachate collection wells at the Puente Hills Sanitary Landfill, Los Angeles County, California.


Wrote a finite difference computer program to model airflow in a subsurface vapor extraction system to remove hydrocarbons from soil.

Sampled groundwater with high dissolved chromium at a former metal plating plant in California.


Served for several years as project manager at a state superfund (WQARF) site in Tucson, Arizona. Wrote numerous reports, including the draft Remedial Investigation Report. 

This environmental consulting firm in Los Angeles went out of business and left behind drums full of who-knows what behind their office.


Soil sampling at a PCB site in California.

Monitoring groundwater levels at an old mine tailings impoundment in Colorado.


I performed engineering and economic analyses to choose the most cost-effective method to remove arsenic from drinking water for a small water utility in Arizona.

Also costed and recommended storage and distribution system upgrades to bring the water system into compliance with current standards.

On the strength of my report, the utility received full federal grant funding for the arsenic removal system, as well as for the storage and distribution system upgrades.

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