Recent Continuing Education Courses:

  • Introduction to Gas Well Dewatering
  • Low Permeability Reservoirs in the Rockies
  • Material Balance and Modeling of Petroleum Reservoirs

Professional Memberships:

  • American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
  • Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists (RMAG)

Interpreted 2-D and 3-D seismic data.  Generated prospects that resulted in new gas discoveries in onshore California and offshore Gulf of Mexico.

Used well logs to pick tops and construct structure and isopach maps over small and large areas.

Projected hyperbolic and exponential production declines, and calculated present-value economics of numerous oil and gas wells.

Coal Gulch05
well log03

Interpreted well logs to pick oil and gas pay in numerous wells in California, Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Wyoming.

Experienced in evaluating economics and geology of tight gas sands.

Completed a successful application for a commercial salt water disposal well.

Cox Canyon Facilities

Field work in coalbed methane exploration in the Raton Basin, Colorado and New Mexico


Analyzed geology and economics of coalbed methane projects in the San Juan and Raton basins in Colorado, Powder River Basin of Wyoming, and the Ferron trend in Utah.

Testified as an expert witness before the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission in a successful gas well downspacing application

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